FYAA offers youth sports for children ages 4 to 18 in Central Virginia. We primarily serve Forest and surrounding areas in Bedford County. Sports include baseball, softball, football, lacrosse, soccer, tee ball and wiffle ball.

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All players must have a birth certificate on file.  If you are new to Forest Youth, please bring a copy of your birth certificate to the FYAA office prior to the beginning of the season.  Thanks.

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Please NOTE:    No refunds will be issued after teams have been formed and uniforms ordered UNLESS a player has a written medical excuse or has been selected for a middle school or high school team.  Refund requests must be made in writing either in person or by email to

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Fall Lacrosse 2020


We have been running a fall lacrosse program two days a week for the last couple of years and have had great success with it. This year due to the circumstances we are doing a much bigger fall Lacrosse season. We will be using FYAA this year instead of  Thomas Jefferson. Forest has a very successful Lacrosse program and is a real up and comer on the statewide level. If you have ever thought about playing this would be a great chance to do so.

We are pushing back the opening date 2 weeks to make sure that we have all of our staff and coaches updated on the latest protocols and measures for safety. This date will also coincide more closely with the opening of schools in Bedford County. Practices will start the week of August 24th and go through November 13th. Individual practice times will be based on registration numbers. Hopefully, other programs will be following suit and we can have multiple games, but if not we can play each other in small-sided games. We will make it fun no matter what. 


We are going to very mindful of the current situation with COVID and all precautions and protocols that are associated therewithin. Please do not bring or drop your child off if they or any member of your household has a fever or has any symptoms of being sick in any way. Please exercise caution. This and every other situation currently is fluid in how it is addressed and assessed. That being said if you do not feel comfortable with things and would like to sit out for a little while and not attend that is completely fine. This is a very loose attempt at getting kids out and playing not a strict you must show up to practice type season. 


Much of what will be taught and done during practice will be on the instructional and fundamental side of things. Practice times and locations will be addressed as all of the registrations are completed at FYAA. We will be sharing field space with Soccer and Flag Football. We all have the same goals and have limited field space so understanding would be appreciated. 


The program will be lead by the Jefferson Forest High School Coaching staff for both Boys and Girls with others helping out as well. This is an incredible lacrosse opportunity and all skill levels are welcome. This is a great chance to play lacrosse in Forest. 

**A limited amount of Loaner Equipment is available for new players**


**You will be directed to US Lacrosse to register for insurance. This is the only insurance we can use and it is issued from the governing body**



Base Cost: $75.00

Opened: 07/30/2020
Closes: 11/14/2020

In Grades: K to 12 for 2020-21 School year