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FYAA offers youth sports for children ages 4 to 18 in Central Virginia. We primarily serve Forest and surrounding areas in Bedford County. Sports include basketball, baseball, softball, football, flag football, lacrosse, soccer, and tee ball.

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Soccer at FYAA


General:  The FYAA soccer program is run in cooperation with the Central Virginia Regional Soccer Association under Bedford County Parks and Recreation. We offer soccer in both spring and fall. Registrations begin in January and June respectively. 
The league your child will play in is based on the year they are born. Please see the chart below to determine which age group your child will participate in. 

If the child has not played with FYAA previously, you must bring a birth certificate to the FYAA office upon registration. Registration rates vary
. Register early, secure a spot on a teams and avoid the late fee, typically a non-refundable $20. We try hard to place children on teams but we need a coach, playing fields, and enough kids to form squads. We offer a waiting list for later registrations that usually sweeps through and forms a team once we get enough volunteer coaches.

Bedford County's soccer program is part of CVRSA (Central Virginia Regional Soccer Association). Website CVRSA participants include four counties plus the city of Lynchburg. CVRSA sets the start and end dates of each season. Information below is provided for general guidance.
Practices: Spring practices begin in March. Fall practices begin in August. Older age groups generally start a week or two before U6 & U8.  
Games:  Nearly all games are held on Saturdays. Spring's games begin late March. Fall games usually start after Labor Day. Make-up games default to Sunday afternoons 8 days later. Spring concludes in late May or early June. Autumn games typically end in late October or early November. 

Game schedules for our Under 6 and Under 8 leagues are determined by FYAA.

Game schedules for U10 and older are cooperatively scheduled through CVRSA. Locations of away games can be found on our website and CVRSA's. Also away game STATUS is often updated on CVRSA's site. Check before you drive to see if an away game has been postponed.

Forming Teams: Requests to play with a friend or to facilitate carpooling are considered in assigning rosters. Not  all requests can be met. 

Rosters are formed by a Draft Committee. In drafting rosters for all teams the children of the head coach and assistant coach are automatically assigned to that team. Each Head Coach is allowed to have one Assistant Coach prior to the draft. See our Bedford County Draft Policy for more details.
Although not recommended, players in the older half of a league's age group can request to play up. This is done at the discretion of FYAA,


BIRTH YEAR 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23 2023-24 2024-25
2020                 U6
2019               U6 U6
2018             U6 U6 U8
2017           U6 U6 U8 U8
2016         U6 U6 U8 U8 U10
2015       U6 U6 U8 U8 U10 U10
2014     U6 U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12
2013   U6 U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12
2012 U6 U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U15
2011 U6 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U15 U15
2010 U8 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U15 U15 U15
2009 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12 U15 U15 U15  
2008 U10 U10 U12 U12 U15 U15 U15    
2007 U10 U12 U12 U15 U15 U15      
2006 U12 U12 U15 U15 U15        
2005 U12 U15 U15 U15          
2004 U15 U15 U15            
2003 U15 U15              
2002 U15                

**A season begins in the fall of the year and runs through the summer. 

Equipment Policy:   All players in  all age groups will receive jerseys to keep. Please return any other loaned equipment (shin-guards, etc.) to your child’s head coach (or designated assistant) at the end of the season.

Coaches:  FYAA is always in need of coaches!  Please consider volunteering as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach.  We have materials and resources available to guide you if you are new to soccer.  Also, Bedford County policy requires all coaches have a background check.