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FYAA offers youth sports for children ages 4 to 18 in Central Virginia. We primarily serve Forest and surrounding areas in Bedford County. Sports include basketball, baseball, softball, football, flag football, lacrosse, soccer, and tee ball.

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Lacrosse at FYAA – General Information updated 1/2/2019

Welcome to lacrosse at FYAA. The spring of 2018 will be the 12th season of lacrosse at FYAA. Last year we had teams for Boys’ 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, and JV, as well as for Girls’ 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, and JV.

For more detailed information click on one of the following quick links: A. Registration and Player Eligibility: B. High School Age Players: C. Practices/Games: D. Equipment: E. Costs/Insurance: F. Clinics: G. Volunteers/Team Parents: H. End of Season Tournament: I. Information Contacts:


A. Registration and Player Eligibility:

Registrations for the spring 2019 season will open on or about January 1, 2019, and will remain open through January 31, 2018. Players will register based on their age as of August 31, 2017 for the spring 2019 season. High school varsity teams for both boys and girls are now offered through the Jefferson Forest Varsity High school. FYAA will also be offering a JV Boys team for HS aged players.

In order to manage team sizes to ensure quality play time and coaching time for all players, the following policy will be used to determine player eligibility.

1. Any child living in the Forest area who does not have an alternative school team to play for, and registers by January 31, will be guaranteed a spot on a team regardless of the number of registrants.

2. Any child not living in the forest area who does not have an alternative school or club team to play for, and registers by January 31, will also be guaranteed a spot on a team. 3. After January 31, FYAA administrators and coaches will determine minimum and maximum team sizes and if a second team at any given age group could/should be formed. Based on this, registration for any given team may:

a. Close and only take waitlisted registrants.

b. Remain open to fill out the maximum team size.

c. Remain open in attempt to receive enough registrants to start a second team. 4. After February 15th, if there is still available space on a team/age group, any player not eligible under 1 or 2 above may then register/be taken on that team.

If registrations are filled for your child's age group, you should still consider registering for the waiting list since if there are enough waitlisted registrants we will consider creating a second team for that age group (the decision to create a second team at any age group will be based on the number of registrants, coaching availability, and the ability to schedule games). Also in the event of a cancelation waitlisted registrants will be taken in the order they were registered but with priority given first to those living in the Forest area.

14U age eligible 8th graders, and JV eligible boy players, trying out for the High School JV team should still consider registering with FYAA to insure a spot on one of our teams. Any player making the High School team will receive a refund from FYAA.

So register early to be sure your child gets on the team and is not placed on a waiting list as this sport continues to grow.

B. High School Age Players:

High school JV, and Varsity teams for both boys and girls are now offered through the Jefferson Forest High school. Note that 14U age eligible 8th graders may play 14U at FYAA..

C. Practices/Games:

Practices typically start on or about the last Saturday in February (8U boys will start about a few weeks later to let it warm up). Our 10U and 12U Boys, and 10U and 12U Girls, will generally practice two days a week. Our 14U Boys, and 14U Girls, will generally practice three days a week. All teams will also practice on Saturdays until games start around mid-March.

Youth teams will play approximately 10-12 games a season (except for 8U boys). Some teams may play more or less than others depending on the number of participants and opponents at that age group. New for 2019 8U, and 10U boy's and Girl's team will play small sided games with smaller teams. Some of these games will be played against Blue Ridge lacrosse club while still offering "round robin tournaments" inviting other teams to participate. US Lacrosse mandated this to help grow the game in 2018 and beyond you can read more here:

Away games will require some travel, generally to Lynchburg, Roanoke, Salem, Lexington, Rocky Mount and the New River Valley. All teams will play games on every Saturday (except for Easter weekend) as well as playing several local mid-week games throughout the season.

The season will end prior to the Memorial Day weekend in May.

D. Equipment:

First year players for Boy's and Girl's will receive free loaner equipment. Lacrosse participants at FYAA will be required to provide their own equipment. For boys this includes a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, mouthpiece and a stick. A protective cup is not required but is recommended. Girls’ lacrosse equipment includes goggles, mouthpiece and a stick. Both Play it Again Sports and Dicks Sporting goods provide starter package/special deals prior to each season. A limited amount of equipment is available to borrow from FYAA on a first come, first serve, basis for new players wanting to try the sport for the first time.

Each player will be provided a reversible practice/game pinnie that they will keep. Game shorts will be included in registration fee.

E. Costs/Insurance:

As of Jan 2019, Insurance is included in registration fees. Coaches will receive background checks as per Bedford County rules.

F. Clinics:

FYAA will offer several clinics to be announced at a later date:

New Player/Information open house –This is a one day (several hour) open house set around the middle to late January for new players, or anyone that is considering registering but is still seeking more information or exposure to the sport. This session will include; meet-and-greet with coaches, parents, and players, equipment information, questions and answers for parents, and general

demonstration for new, or potential new, players. No equipment will be required for this session. This date will be annouced in January once set. THIS DATE HAS BEEN SET FOR 1/26/2019, BETWEEN 12:00-5:00PM FOR A LACROSSE OPEN HOUSE AT THE FYAA OFFICE STOP IN AT ANY TIME DURING THESE HOURS THAT SUITS YOU.

G. Volunteers/Team Parents:

In addition to volunteer coaches, each team will be required to have a team parent volunteer(s). The team parent(s) will coordinate such things as game shorts orders, spirit wear orders, jersey distribution/collection, score keepers for home games, and any other general communications information to help the team coach.

Other volunteers will be needed on occasion to help line fields and cut grass for home games when needed.

H. End of Season Tournament:

Note that any post season tournaments may require an additional nominal fee be paid for by any teams/players that are invited to participate.

I. Information Contacts:

For more information about Lacrosse you may contact Lacrosse Commissioner Addison Lineberry at or For general information please contact FYAA at 434-525-6866.