Code of Conduct | Forest Youth Athletic Association
FYAA offers youth sports for children ages 4 to 18 in Central Virginia. We primarily serve Forest and surrounding areas in Bedford County. Sports include basketball, baseball, softball, football, flag football, lacrosse, soccer, and tee ball.

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I.   Sportsmanship expectations


Sportsmanlike and positive behavior is expected at all programs, events and on all facilities controlled or used by Bedford County/City Parks and Recreation Department.  The following are our golden rules for achieving a positive sports environment (R.E.S.P.E.C.T).


  • RESPECT – Treat opponents, teammates, officials, and all others with respect and courtesy.
  • ENCOURAGE – Place the emotional and physical well being of children above the desire to win.
  • SUPPORT – Maintain self-discipline and control, be supportive to others, always be a good sport.
  • PROTECT – Insist that all children play in a safe and healthy environment.
  • ENJOY – Remember that youth sports should be fun for our kids as well as adults.
  • CARE – Be considerate, compassionate, and caring to everyone involved.
  • TRUST – Participate with honesty and integrity, respect rules and authority.


The Parks and Recreation Director(s) or his/her designee(s) shall implement disciplinary action as warranted, including the right to halt and/or delay a program or event, request law enforcement support, as well as ejecting, suspending, or banning individuals.

II.        Disciplinary Actions


Bedford County and/or City Parks & Recreation’s Director or his/her designee may implement any of the following disciplinary actions, within their jurisdiction:


A.                   Ejection – An ejection is the immediate removal of an individual by authorized staff from any County/City owned or leased recreation property, due to misconduct.  The individual is required to leave the facility for the remainder of the day/evening activities.  In addition, an ejection will result in an automatic one game suspension.


B.                   Suspension - A suspension is a temporary prohibition of a person from participation and/or attendance at any recreation activity for the time prescribed. 


C.                   Ban – A ban means an individual is not allowed to be on any County/City owned or leased recreation property, nor participate in any County/City recreation activity.    Re-entry into an activity, after a ban shall require a personal interview with and approval by a committee made up of the Directors of the Bedford County and City of Bedford Parks and Recreation Departments.


D.               Appeals Process - A written appeal of disciplinary action may be accepted by either Director within three (3) days after an individual receives notification of a decision made resulting in a suspension or ban.  The person that requests the appeal will be subject to the disciplinary action unless a committee made up the Directors from the County and City Parks and Recreation Departments uphold the appeal.  The Directors’ decision on the appeal is final.  Generally appeals will not be successful unless the facts are proven incorrect.


E.                   Probationary Periods- A probationary period is an amount of time that an individual is evaluated by the Department to determine whether any further misconduct occurs The result of additional misconduct shall warrant further disciplinary action from Bedford County/City activities as defined. Probationary periods are as follows: 


1.  Ejection – one full year from date of initial ejection.

2.  Suspension – one full year from date that suspension ends.

3.  Ban – to be determined by Director(s) upon personal interview, no less than one year from date that re-entry into activity is granted.



III.            Process of disciplinary action


A.             Personal interview – An individual accused of violating the Code of Conduct will be given an opportunity to speak on his or her behalf through a personal interview with the Director and an additional staff member within the jurisdiction in which the violation took place. 


    B.             Temporary suspension - An individual being investigated for misconduct shall be suspended from participating in any recreation activity until a personal interview has            taken place between that individual and the director and an additional staff member. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


    C.              Disciplinary decision - Individuals will be notified by certified mail of the Parks and Recreation Department’s decision within three days of a personal interview.                             


IV.            Misconduct Consequences


Misconduct by coaches, officials, players, and/or spectators will not be tolerated in any form.


A.             Non-Physical Misconduct - Noncompliance with rules or other poor sportsmanship such as the use of obscene/negative gestures or verbal abuse including but not limited to obscene language, harassment, derogatory behavior, or negative verbal Founded misconduct shall result in the following disciplinary actions and/or penalties:


Coach or official:                                                                                                                     

First offense  – two (2) game suspension and one (1) calendar year probation    

Second offense (within one (1) year probationary period*)  – minimum one (1) year ban                     

Player or spectator:

First offense – one (1) game suspension and one (1) calendar year probation

Second offense (within one (1) year probationary period*) – minimum one (1) year ban


*If an individual has a history of non-physical misconduct and is found to be in violation for such while not on probation, that individual will be subject to a minimum one (1) year ban.


B.                   Physical MisconductExhibiting aggressive or improper misconduct such as fighting, striking, pushing or inappropriate touching, and/or threatening any of the above.  Founded misconduct shall result in the following disciplinary actions and/or penalties: 


Coach or official:                                                                                     

First offense – minimum one (1) calendar year ban

Second offense – permanent / lifetime ban

Player or spectator:

First offense – minimum one (1) calendar year ban

Second offense – permanent / lifetime ban


*In addition, the Department(s) may also initiate appropriate law enforcement action.


V.             General conduct policies


A.             Illegal Substances, Alcohol, and Tobacco Products:

Bedford County and City Parks and Recreation Department(s) support a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free zone on any County/City owned or leased recreation property, and complies with any similar Bedford County/City School Board policies.  Anyone possessing or found under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance on County or City owned/leased recreation property or at any activity will be banned for a minimum of one (1) year.  In addition, the Department(s) may initiate appropriate law enforcement action.


The use of tobacco products shall be prohibited in and around the immediate area of any youth related program or events. This shall include playing areas, dugouts, along fence-lines or sidelines, spectator areas, inside gymnasiums, and program areas. Individuals will be requested not to use tobacco products in these areas, and those that choose to continue will be immediately ejected from the premises.


 B.           Weapons/Firearms:

No weapons or firearms are allowed on County/City owned or leased recreation property, nor any Bedford County/City School Board property. The penalty for such an infraction shall be immediate ejection, and a minimum one (1) year ban.  In addition, the Department(s) may initiate appropriate law enforcement action.


C.                 School Related Misconduct:

If any child or adult has disciplinary action taken against him/her at his/her respective school, then they will be suspended from participating in Parks and Recreation activities for the same amount of time.


D.                  Criminal Background:

All coaches, officials, and employees may be subject to a criminal background check.  Individuals convicted of any violent or sexual crime, or any crime against a child shall not be allowed to participate in any County or City recreation program.  Any other criminal convictions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If a background check shows a history of conviction, which may negatively influence the safety of participants, that person will be banned from participation in recreation activities permanently.